10 Signs You Are a Book Addict

  1. You may forget your keys or wallet or handphone, but God forbid that you ever leave your favourite book at home.
  2. The first thing you do upon entering a shopping complex is to dash for the bookstore.
  3. If the aforesaid bookstore is in fact: non-existent/a stationery shop masquerading as a bookshop, you’ll curse the management and the shoppers and your fellow countrymen for not making reading a national priority.
  4. You wonder secretly why is it a social faux pas to glance at your book now and then during a conversation when people casually check their phones at every beep
  5. You enter bookshops with the reverence of a religious believer entering a place of worship.
  6. Upon traveling to a foreign country, you find yourself drawn to the local bookstores, even if all the titles are in a language you cannot understand.
  7. You measure the financial worth of random items in terms of the number of books you could have bought.
  8. When it comes to packing, you toss out a couple of dresses/shirts just to fit your favourite paperback.
  9. Time in the washroom is wasted if you are not accompanied by a book or two
  10. Your bag will always be weighed down by your books. Books, in the plural form, because it is so hard to choose between your favourite titles, that you end up taking them all.